Advanced Programs


Here you will find accelerated/enrichment programs that students can participate in. These can be really good for students that excel in special areas and want more challenges.

DRIVEN School of Innovation

United States Senate Youth Program Scholarship Opportunity

The F.A.M Project


At the high school level, student placement in Pre-Advanced Placement (PAP) and/or Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be determined based on student interest and/or teacher, parent, counselor, administrator, peer, or self-recommendation. Students receive differentiated services through AP/PAP courses where teachers are trained to integrate College Board curriculum. Within these classes, students should be given opportunities to take part in advanced, complex, and innovative products and/or performances which may include out-of-school assignments. These learning experiences will allow students to draw upon their personal interest, interpersonal effectiveness, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and the use of technology as a tool for learning.


  • Pre-AP English I & II

  • Pre-AP Geometry, Algebra II & Pre-Calculus

  • Pre-AP Physical Science, Biology, & Chemistry

  • Pre-AP Civics

  • AP English Language (11th grade)

  • AP English Literature (12th grade)

  • AP Statistics

  • AP Calculus AB

  • AP Calculus BC

  • AP Biology

  • AP Physics

  • AP Physics II

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP World History

  • AP US History

  • AP Psychology

  • AP CompuHeadlineter Science Principles 1 & 2