Classroom Guidance

One direct service the counseling department provides students is classroom guidance lessons. We cover topics that will help students develop in three domains: academic, career, & personal/social. Please check this section periodically throughout the year to see what lessons have been taught!

20-21 Classroom Guidance

How to Apply for Scholarships
  1. Access the Maumelle High School scholarships page or through one of the databases. Mhs.pcssd.org = MHS website
  2. Find a scholarship you would like to look into. I would click through all of them if you are really serious about applying for scholarships.
  3. Once you have found a scholarship, READ through the whole application. If you read something that makes you ineligible, move on to the next scholarship.
  4. Once you have read through and determined you are eligible, start gathering the required documents (transcript, test scores, essay and/or letters of recommendation).
    a. Official transcripts need to be requested from the registrar Mrs. Howard at jhoward@pcssd.org.
  5. Once you have collected all of the documents, read through the scholarship again. Make sure you have completed all of the requirements.
  6. Send the application and all documents in through the scholarships preferred method: mail, email, and/or fax. Each scholarship is different so pay close attention to how they want it sent.