tecloe signing maumelle

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (May 16, 2023) – The Academies of Central Arkansas announced today the establishment of the Telcoe Credit Union Academy of Business and Service at Maumelle High School.  This partnership between Telcoe, Maumelle High School and the Pulaski County Special School District is the core foundation of the Academies model of teaching and learning being implemented in public high schools throughout Pulaski County, better known as the Academies of Central Arkansas.

Students in the Telcoe Academy of Business and Service will benefit from enhanced learning opportunities throughout their four years at Maumelle High School. Students in freshman seminar will have several opportunities for career exploration that include hearing guest speakers from local business and industry and participation in the annual career exposure event, where Telcoe Federal Credit Union and several other central Arkansas businesses, will be participating in this hands-on event for all ninth graders.

In the upcoming school year, students will participate in industry field trips, job shadowing, career mentoring, mock interviewing, and potential internship or externship opportunities because of this partnership with Telcoe. Nearing graduation from the Telcoe Academy of Business and Service, scholars will have opportunities to earn concurrent credit, industry recognized credentials, and will create a capstone project co-developed by the team at Telcoe and the faculty at Maumelle High School.

Michele Beasley, Vice President of Marketing at Telcoe Federal Credit Union said, “We are beyond excited about this amazing opportunity to partner with Maumelle High School. We speak all over the state of Arkansas in classrooms, libraries, and after-school programs about financial literacy. These students are our future. By helping educate students in high school we can help improve their financial future and offer employability skills. We look forward to working hands-on with these students as paid employees in our branches during the Summer and then as students in the school-based credit union branch.”

The Academies of Central Arkansas is a joint initiative of the four public school districts across Pulaski County and the regional business community. In 2019, the Jacksonville North Pulaski, Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Pulaski County Special School Districts, together with the five Pulaski County chambers of commerce and business and civic leaders, began implementing high school academies within all public high schools in the county, serving all students.

“Michele and the leadership team at Telcoe Federal Credit Union have been champions of the Academies of Central Arkansas from the beginning,” stated Little Rock Regional Chamber President & CEO Jay Chesshir.  “This partnership announcement is a strong commitment to students in Pulaski County, and specifically, here at Maumelle High School. These Telcoe Credit Union Academy of Business and Service scholars will be better prepared for college, career, and also become lifelong learners through the experiences this partnership will provide them.”

Dr. Charles McNulty, Superintendent of Pulaski County Special School District said, “We are very excited with our partnership with Telcoe to the benefit of our students at Maumelle High School. Our students continue to increase their life opportunities through dedicated partnerships like this latest one with Telcoe Federal Credit Union.”

Implementation of the Academies of Central Arkansas will take several years to fully build out. Once completed, this educational approach will help transform high schools for all students within the four school districts. The Little Rock Regional Chamber is still actively recruiting business partners for all Academy high schools. Businesses interested in getting more information can reach out to the chamber directly or visit www.academiesofcentralarkansas.org