Students have an awesome tool/resource through Naviance. Students can log into their Naviance accounts by clicking on the following link:

Students will use their school issued email address and school password to login.

Students can use Naviance to:

  • Create resumes

  • Take career surveys

  • Explore careers and colleges

  • View national scholarships

  • and Much More!

If you have any questions about Naviance, please email your counselor.

Arkansas NEXT Magazine: Online publication for students in Arkansas. It covers many post-secondary pathways.

Arkansas Times Blueprint: Online publication to guide students on career paths that do not require a 4-year degree.

Arkansas Times Nurses Guide: Online publication discussing the nursing profession.

A Guide to Healthcare Careers: This guide can help you navigate through your journey toward a career in healthcare. Learn how to find the right path for you, and the education you’ll need to follow that path. Discover career options and tips for landing a job, as well.

Explore Careers in Social Work: As our country navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, social workers continue to provide essential and vital support to our communities. Our team at strives to encourage students to explore this valuable line of work as we as a nation continue to manage coronavirus and will eventually deal with the aftermath. Our social work career guide includes information on various specializations, salary information, and locations with the highest employment of social workers.